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15 May, 1512 – Marketplace in Ladoga

1 Aug – My fleet has finished updated and repairing and I send it back out again to protect our trade

1 Sept – Another claim by us vs Sweden

1 Nov – I cancel our drilling

10 Dec –

MIL TECH 10 – We get Eastern Hussars and better artillery. I order them replaced

1 Feb, 1513 – The Era of Discovery Ends!!!

Next is the Age of Reformation

Here are my goals:

Convert another nation’s religion by force – We already have!
Change to Protestant or Reform. No thanks
Fully embrace either Humanist or Religions Idea Group. No thanks
Convert at least ten provinces to your faith. I have 5
Have 5 colonial subjects. That’s not me this game. Not yet
Gain the trade bonus for one of Spices, Silk or Chinaware
Unify all provinces of my culture group

We have different abilities as well. If we get there, I’ll take a looksee

I activate my forts

2 April – I fabricate a claim on Riga. Again

11 May – I begin the process to move two provinces to Novgorod culture

I choose Plutocratic Ideas in MIL Ideas

26 May – We capture a Swedish spy

22 Aug – I keep my leader. 6/6/6 baby! And he’s just 52, could be here for a while.

1 Nov – Our peace treaty with Muscovy ends...

I have max manpower – 23k

I have my three armies in Moskva, Tver, and Mozhaisk all ready to go, with our new military cavalry and artillery all updated.


The first time it was for a foothold. This time it’s for glory!

I declare war with Muscovy for their province, Ryazan.

I call Poland again. Our eternal ally!
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