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11 Feb, 1533 – I take on Defender of the Faith so I can get another Missionary. I send it to Zlatoust

22 Mar – Bolgar converts. Next? Tetyushi

25 Mar – The great Tsar passes at the age of 66. Our child is just 7, so the Queen is regent until he is old enough to take over, limiting our actions.

I invest in a stability gain back to +3

5 June – I am reconfirming various marriages like Poland and Estonia

13 October – We have most of our cores from Muscovy completed today

I order a Weapons Manufactory in Viatka, and Naval Equipment one in Yuriev

15 Oct - Poland has declared war against Bohemia and asks for my aid. I send over two of my five armies to help. It’s only fair

22 Feb, 1534 – We have won a few battles in Bohemia and I lay siege to the capital

7 Apr- I am now the trade leader in copper

31 May – Kazan lost 9 provinces to Transoxiana

24 June – I capture the capital

19 Aug – Another province falls under my siege

9 Oct –

Plutocratic Ideas #4 – Free Merchants, +1 merchant!

Russia Idea: Table of Ranks, +0.5 army tradition, -10% adviser upkeep

15 Dec – Another siege succeeds

25 Jan, 153 5 – I give Ust-Uym to my Clergy

28 April – I can get my first ability from the Age of Reformation

I take an institutional spread +50%

1 July – One of my colonies has Naval Supplies

7 Oct – Now a full province:

Berezov – Fur, forest, 3 dev,

I move into two adjacent provinces – Surgut and Mangazea.

24 Nov – I take another holding
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