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15 Jan – Four provinces are now cores

22 Jan – I get another Great Draperies! Event

2 Feb – Rebels in Yelets.

5 Feb – Two more provinces now cores

22 Feb – I discover a Muscovy spy

I fabricate claims on two of the provinces under the control of the Oirat Horde

I order a workshop in Viatka

1 Mar – They capture Yelets

5 Mar – I send a missionary to Beloyarskiy

15 April – We take them out

26 April – Most of my cores are complete

2 May – We retake Yelets
19 June – The last of the cores are done. We are fully cored

I hand Glazhov to the Boyers

I am currently getting more than 30 gold a month in my treasury, for a total of around 1 manufactory and one lesser building/year.

13 Dec - I pass the Conventicle Act which increases my Missionary Str by 1 but -1 tolerance of heretics

I am working to build up my spy network in the central Asian horde areas where I don’t have cores already

1 Jan, 1542 –

I order:

Workshop in Perm, Vladimir, Yuriev, Pronsk

Weapons Manufactory in Bolgar, Ishkar, Tula

Farm Estate in Kazan

5 Mar – I put down the rebels from before that crossed into other territory. They came back

1 Apr -I get a an event to improve our manpower considerably by taking “cannon fodder” from the Livonian Order. I do and I get more than 20k manpower! But relations worsen and their liberty desire rises. I spend 20 prestige to make nice with them and drop it back to lesser levels

With my huge investment in manpower, I move my armies around subtly, preparing for a potential war with the Great Horde. They are allied to the Transoxiana and a vasal state of Crimea. I want to get the trade node of Astrakhan on the Caspian Sea. That’s one of the few real targets back here

29 Sept – All five of my armies are on the border with our foes.

27 Oct – I get an excellent minister event. There is a level 3 adviser in ADM I can get for 50% now and 50% off for his monthly cost, so I hire him! He gives me -2% unrest. I also take a level 3 MIL adviser in the same event for 50% off now and later! I get +10% manpower

My tech investment is now 12/8/10
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