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Originally Posted by stevew View Post
Once Upon A Time in Hollywood I guess it’s like an 8/10 or so? Not the best movie you’ll see but it’s up there.

This was my first Regal Unlimited movie, I loved it.

I think it's probably a bit slow for some people, but I could have spent more time in that world. Incredible acting, great music, 1969 LA looked amazing, and then - well, I haven't seen all of Tarantino's movies and this isn't something I'd associate with him off the top of my head, but the way tension was built towards the end, with the editing/music choices etc, I thought it was a home run.

It's also the kind of movie it was fun to unpack afterwards to see how meticulously researched it was, both the Manson family and what was going on movie/TV/culturally in that time and place.

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