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ok guys, the roster for Season 1 of IPOW is just about complete. I have decided to use 6 specific areas, and they are the United States, Japan, Mexico, Canada, The United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales) and the Rest of the World (anything else in Central/South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, etc).

As far as actual nations go, obviously United States, Mexico, Canada, and Japan are nations of their own. The UK and the Rest of World have been broken down into countries. There will be 14 countries represented in Season 1. The 4 above mentioned will always have 6 participants, while the others will vary. More on that later. There will be 3 separate G1 style type tournaments this season (and for future seasons as long as there is availability). Men's singles, men's tag team, and women's singles. The singles tournaments will have 2 blocks of 8 participants each, with each block represented by 8 different countries. Round robin, block winners face off in the championship. The tag team will have 6 tag teams, all from a different country. Round robin. Top 2 will compete for the Tag Team championship.

All champions will be back to defend their titles in the next Season, provided they want to come back. The bottom finisher in each tournament will immediately be dropped from the promotion (all wrestlers will sign 1 year contracts only and be renewed every year if they so choose). The 2 countries with the least total points will not be invited back next season (obviously this is a huge disadvantage to the countries that only have 1 or 2 participants). Every single match is worth points within the tournament and the nation challenge. 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss. This includes the championship matches.

If anybody has any questions or comments, please let me know, as I am about to reveal the roster and personnel for Season 1.
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