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There will be initial men's matches to determine the participants in each of the singles and tag team pools for United States, Canada, Mexico, and Japan. They will each have 2 singles matches, with the winners going to separate blocks and the men's singles tournament, and the losers teaming up to represent their nation in the tag team tournament.

Puerto Rico, having 3 wrestlers, will send 1 to the singles tournament. Those 3 will have a 3 way dance to determine who represents Puerto Rico in the singles tournament. The other 2 will team up to represent Puerto Rico in the tag team tournament.

There will be 2 initial shows to decide this. The first show will feature the United States and Mexico. Those matches will be:

Mr. Anderson vs. Jake Hager (readers vote match)
Alberto El Patron vs. Pentagon (readers vote match)
James Storm vs. Austin Aries
Fenix vs. Drago

The second show will feature Canada, Japan, and Puerto Rico. Those matches are:

Crazzy Steve vs. Rene Dupree
Kaz Hayashi vs. Toru Yano
Petey Williams vs. Kenny Omega (readers vote match)
Kushida vs. Sanada (readers vote match)
Ricky Banderas vs. Amazing Red vs. Carlito (readers vote match)

I will run the first show on Thursday, and the second show on Saturday, so please get your votes in.
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