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I am getting ready to book the first show, but I wanted to give a few notes first:

As I am more concerned with the Olympic competition style, I'm going to do whatever is necessary to keep it going, and to keep it as a cult company. That means if money is getting low, I'll edit the company to have more money. If the promotion slips below cult level, I'll edit prestige ratings to keep it at cult so I can continue to sign wrestlers to written contracts. And if my shows do bad enough to get dropped, then no big deal, I'll create my own tv broadcaster, since I'll have the money to do it. I hope all this doesn't run people off, as I'm not running it as a real life promotion where we could lose tv, go bankrupt, etc etc. When I've had enough, I'll put the company out of business myself.

Also, as far as writing style, it will be all text, but ratings, attendance, etc isn't a concern. I'll be writing on the match and the result, nothing else. You'll see what I mean when I do this first report. I hope that doesn't run you guys off, doing it this way, as I thought this would be a cool, simple concept to do, and the reports can be kept quick and simple.
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