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IPOW Unleashed
Wed, Week 4, Sept. 2018
San Jose Municipal Stadium- San Jose, CA
Show Attendance: 3,395

Japan Qualifying Match

Kaz Kayashi vs. Toru Yano

In typical Yano fashion, he did his best to make it a comedy match, but Kaz was having none of it and took control.

Winner: Kaz Kayashi

Kaz will advance to the Men's Singles Tournament, while Yano will go to the Men's Tag Team Tournament and await his partner.

Japan Qualifying Match

Kushida vs. Sanada

An exciting match here between 2 fabulous workers, but in the end, Sanada was just too much.

Winner: Sanada

So with that, Toru Yano and Kushida will team up in the Men's Tag Team Tournament.

Mexico Qualifying Match

Fenix vs. Drago

Another exciting match, but Fenix got the victory to secure his spot in the Men's Singles Tournament. Drago will await his partner in the Tag Team Tournament.

Winner: Fenix

Canada Qualifying Match

Crazzy Steve vs. Rene Dupree

Dupree clearly showed why he is the better wrestler in this one, clinching his spot in the singles tournament, while Crazzy Steve will go to the Tag Team Tournament.

Winner: Rene Dupree

Puerto Rico Qualifying Match- Three Way Dance

Ricky Banderas vs. Amazing Red vs. Carlito

Banderas was the far superior in-ring performer here, as he carried the match. Red and Carlito did their part, but Banderas claimed the spot in the Singles Tournament, while Red and Carlito could be a very formidable team in the Tag Team Tournament.

Winner: Ricky Banderas

England Qualifying Match

Marty Scurll vs. Will Osprey

These 2 are no strangers to each other, but in the end Scurll clinched his spot in the Singles Tournament, while Osprey will await his teammate in the Tag Team Tournament.

Winner: Marty Scurll

Canada Qualifying Match

Petey Williams vs. Kenny Omega

Williams is a damn fine wrestler, but he was no match for Omega in this one. Omega proved why he is one of the best in the world, moving to the Singles Tournament where he can be a legit contender. Williams moves to the Tag Team Bracket where he will team with Crazzy Steve.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Mexico Qualifying Match

Alberto El Patron vs. Pentagon

2 excellent performers, but one with a major attitude. Alberto dominated the match, but showed his cocky attitude, and that was his downfall, as Penta got a quick victory, earning his spot in the Singles Tournament. Alberto will go to the Tag Team Tournament and team with Drago.

Winner: Pentagon

**As expected, Alberto was furious at the match booking, so I not only had to have him dominate the match, but also had to keep him strong the entire match, and make the finish a quick pinfall finish. I'm really regretting signing Alberto already. That Tag Team Tournament could be a disaster with him in it.**

United States Qualifying Match

James Storm vs. Austin Aries

A bit of an upset here, as Storm was able to surprise Aries to steal a spot in the Singles Tournament. Aries will await his partner in the Tag Team Tournament.

Winner: James Storm

England Qualifying Match

Nick Aldis vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

The former NWA champion had a classic match with Sabre, but in the end, it was the youth of Sabre who got the win to get a spot in the Singles Tournament. Nick Aldis will now move to the Tag Team Tournament and will team with Will Osprey.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.

United States Qualifying Match

Mr. Anderson vs. Jake Hager

The main event of the night would see the final spot in the Singles Tournament decided. It was back and forth, but the submission skills of Hager came through in this one. He claims the last spot in the Singles Tournament, while Mr. Anderson will team with Austin Aries in the Tag Team Tournament.

Winner: Jake Hager

The pools for the 3 tournaments will be released shortly.
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