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Here is a look at the tournament blocks for the Men's and Women's Singles Tournaments, and for the Tag Team Tournament, of which 2 teams have been added to make it 8 as well.

Men's Singles Tournament

Block A

James Storm- USA
Fenix- Mexico
Kenny Omega- Canada
Sanada- Japan
Marty Scrull- England
Dameon Duke- South Africa
Rocky Romero- Cuba
Shiima Xion- Philippines

Block B

Jake Hager- USA
Pentagon- Mexico
Rene Dupree- Canada
Kaz Hayashi- Japan
Zack Sabre Jr.- England
P.J. Black- South Africa
Ricky Banderas- Puerto Rico
Grado- Scotland

Men's Tag Team Tournament

Austin Aries and Mr. Anderson- USA
Drago and Alberto El Patron- Mexico
Crazzy Steve and Petey Williams- Canada
Toru Yano and Kushida- Japan
Nick Aldis and Will Osprey- England
Amazing Red and Carlito- Puerto Rico
Tama Tonga and Taula Fifita- Tonga
Desi Hit Squad- India

Women's Singles Tournament

Block A

Celeste Bonin- USA
Fabi Apache- Mexico
Chelsea Green- Canada
Hikaru Shida- Japan
Katarina Leigh- Germany
Isla Dawn- Scotland
Toni Storm- New Zealand

Block B

Madison Rayne- USA
Mari Apache- Mexico
Angel Williams- Canada
Makoto- Japan
Alpha Female- Germany
Madison Eagles- Australia
Kay Lee Ray- Scotland
Shanna- Portugal

So as you can see there is now 16 countries represented, and that is the country count I will try to have in the future, if I can find enough decent people. With the females especially, some of them aren't so well known, so the predictions and readers votes there may be skewed towards the more known wrestlers.

Also, as of this point, aside from the Readers Vote, this has now become more interactive. I'm asking everybody to not only vote for the readers vote matches, but also the random dice roll matches too. While those will be predictions, they all count. I will make a tab of everybodys predictions for all the matches, and the top 3 people will get to have a say in who makes next seasons IPOW roster.

The Gold Medal winner will get 4 selections.
The Silver Medal winner will get 3 selections.
The Bronze Medal winner will get 2 selections.

Keep in mind I am running this report on another forum too, but as of now I've only had 1 person interested in participating, so most of the winners will probably come from here.

As an aside, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winners for the countries will have a tougher task next season. I would expect the USA, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and maybe England to be in the mix, and since they seem to have the most talent, they will have qualifying for next year. More on that later.

If anybody has any questions or comments, please let me know. I am going to do my best to get other nations involved next season so that all nations have a chance, and I have shortlisted WWE and NXT, so any time I can, I'll try to sign that talent, if their WWE contract is coming to an end soon, or if they get released. But if anybody has any questions, feel free to let me know.

I'm really excited for this dynasty, easily the most excited I've been for any of my dynasty attempts, I hope you guys enjoy.
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