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I have dropped the show to an hour show per week, at least for the first season. I have done the math, and I will just go in order with 1 block per week. For instance, the next card will be Block A of the Men's Singles, then Block B of the Men's Singles, then Tag Team, and so on. I added the 2 Tag Teams to give them a block of 8 to make that even. By my count, that is basically 5 blocks, and each will wrestle 7 times, so 35 weeks, plus the championships, so 36 weeks, or 9 months.

In the future, I might not sign people to a written contract, because doing it this way, most of the wrestlers will only see action once a month, unless I let them go on house shows to get work. I might. I haven't decided. I'm taking opinions on that. The only reason I'm doing it this way is so that I don't get myself confused and have the Men's Singles having 3 matches each and the Women's Singles 1 each, or something like that. But I definitely think signing everyone to a written contract might have been a mistake. My biggest fear was someone not being available for a show, which would have caused a problem too. That will be something to think about going forward.

OK, enough babbling. I plan on running the next card on Monday at the latest, and possibly even Sunday. I will give 24 hour notice either tomorrow or Sunday. The next card will be Block A of the Men's Singles (I'll just go in order to keep it simple). The match-ups will be:

Rocky Romero vs. Kenny Omega
Marty Scrull vs. James Storm
Sanada vs. Dameon Duke
Fenix vs. Shiima Xion- readers vote match

I will use a random dice roller to decide which match will be the readers vote match every time. I thought about having 2 readers vote matches, but I think 1 out of every 4 is adequate.

Get your votes/predictions in, and again, any comments or concerns or questions are welcome. Thanks.
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