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Jan 27, 2014

I'm a 46 year old American, with a national reputation that's probably built more than anything on the novelty of me being in charge.
The board pays me $3,500/wk and gives me a contract through the end of 2015.

Time to see what's actually here, or what "here" consists of anyway.

In addition to the senior club, there's also a reserve team that doesn't play regularly and a U18 system that's basically Chungnam MT High School. We have a salary budget of $53,734/wk ($53,007 already spent) and a $0 transfer budget.

In addition to the President and Managing Director above me, my staff consists of an outspoke, volatile, confrontational disciplinarian Assistant Coach Cho Jin-Ho. He's also fairly professional and has been quite helpful in my first 24 hours.

Below him are a GK coach, 2 regular coaches, a Head Physio and a Chief Scout.

Unfortunately for me, they aren't very good at much of anything.

Fortunately for me, the board has given me tremendous leeway in assembling a staff. They actually "advise" up to 23 staff members instead of the current 6.

Let's work on that, maybe not all of it. I'm too hands-on to want a Director of Football just yet.

1) Who the hell hired a Chief Physio with Physio of 7?
2) Who the hell hired a Chief Scout with JAbility and JPotential of 8 each?
3) Who the hell paid these rubbish more than virtually any player on the roster?

I don't like the scouting situation but with a buyout that would cost the club $160,000, I'll try to live with it for a while.

The physio situation on the other hand, that's not good at all.
I'll pay $70k to send Lee Kyoo Seong on his way.
Replacements are being negotiated.
As are additions to other areas of the staff.


I've been through the files, the reports, I've seen the stats.
Now I suppose it's time to meet the players.

First, according to my Assistant, I need to settle on the captain & vice-captain. I'll trust his judgement, leaving 25 y/o DMC Kim Tae-Yeon at Captain and assigning 29 y/o DC Kim Young-Bin as his deputy. I figure the players have been shaken up enough by my hiring, let's not rush anything here.

And then off to the team meeting, this ought to be ... interesting.


The captain welcomes me to the club.
Cautiously I'm positive about our chances and think we could win promotion.
The captain assertively wants to worry about one game at a time.
The vice-captain assertively urges his fellow toward promotion.

I cautiously disagree with the captain, saying that if everyone performs at their best then the goal is reachable.

The captain assertively says maybe I'm right and those expectations are fine.
I'm close by saying that's exactly the reaction I was after.

13 players reacted well.
8 players reacted badly.

Well, hmm.
I feel kind of like Cleavon Little at the moment.
"I lit another cigarette. Unless I specifically inform you to the contrary, I am always lighting another cigarette." - from a novel by Martin Amis

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