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We are able to outbid Gamma for Cal Hillson, but he gets a new 2K per fight bump, going to $2600.00 per fight and catapults in the rankings to the #1 spot. Strangely Fatuma Roy stays at #1 in the HW division after his loss to Franklyn, but everyone knows that Sly Twinge will get the next shot.

Rupert Dreck is ready to resume training and will defend against Canadian Joshua Hope at our first show in Canada, ECW 13, which should do big business, at least on TV and give us a footprint in Canada.

Current Rankings

HW RankingsLHW RankingsMW RankingsWW Rankings
CSam Hoynes 8-0Rupert Dreck 11-0Isaiah Monroe 12-0Felix Matterson Jr 10-1
1Fatuma Roy 23-12Cal Hillson 7-0Ashley Ballard 13-3Gus Fitzpatrick 9-0
2Sly Twinge 11-0Joshua Hope 9-0Thomas Smith 15-5Zeke Eliot 8-0
3Wilson Franklyn 12-2Brody Howles 7-0Reed Howlett 8-0Callum Henson 23-11
4Sylvester Collins 9-1Dwayne Alleyne 9-1Hunter Scribbins 8-0Lloyd McAllister 16-6
5Nate MacReary 8-0Jerry Bogdonovich 11-1Wes Hersch 8-0Agustin Gonzalez 15-5
6Randall Donnelly 14-8Justin Brannagh 8-2Julio Gutierrez 11-0Brock Youdale 9-2
7Damien Jones 8-2Adrian Pascal 7-1Esteban Vega 8-1Chad Zoff 10-0
8Collins Lundie 12-7Gavin Marshall 6-1Bernard Blue 11-4Evan Pizzarro 8-1
9John Fitzwallace 10-5Wink Deschanel 6-1Billy Russell 7-1Zachary Gilbert 15-10
10Gareth Grundy 10-7MacGregor Dare 6-1Tom Essy 5-1Joshua Ziegler 10-4
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