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Sigh. Your mileage may certainly vary, but in my experience the only folks with such rabid hard-ons for traditional Western medicine have either very little experience going to a doctor, no medical issues of their own, or are studying to be doctors themselves. For whatever it's worth, I have a 'traditional' MD as well, who has signed off on everything my ND has prescribed as well. Those things aren't mutually exclusive. The State of Oregon and Medicaid certainly approve of them as 'real' doctors.

Do you have any chronic health problems? I have chronic back pain, for which the Western medical approach is A) take pharmaceutical pain-killers for the rest of your life, B) incredibly expensive and invasive back surgery or C) A+B. In exactly one visit to your MD for chronic pain you will have completely researched & exhausted all of the traditional, Western solutions. Conversely, I have very little faith in most of the fufu , pseudo-scientific stuff that my naturopath tries on me, but entirely regardless of your level of knowledge & faith in the scientific method, something (even if it's only placebo) has an infinitely better chance of working than nothing.

1. I get the desire for anything that works. Nobody has been able to fix my reflux issue so I've taken Prilosec every day for years and still had to get an upper denture this year due to the damage the reflux did.

2. Oddly enough, I have had pretty serious back problems and have chronic pain even after surgery. I was still able to find legitimate medical means to improve my health to the point of running a half and full marathon in the last 18 months. By far the best thing was learning stretching and strengthening techniques from a rehab clinic for sports injuries and carrying those forward over the years.

3. On the levels of quackery, naturopath is the bottom of the barrel for me, just barely above acupuncturists. I have done a couple of visits to chiropractors, but only with clear instructions to them that they're not allowed near my neck since chiropractic strokes are becoming more common.

4. A state allowing something is meaningless. Kansas allows school districts to decide whether or not to teach evolution or creation in public schools. Elected officials are largely willing to allow whatever brings them the most local support and funding.
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