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Well, that didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would....

Plays can be saved/loaded/edited/re-saved and then loaded into the game engine for testing. I only have OL and DL logic implemented so far, but it's running the play as intended.

I guess we can start moving things up, now that I have 4 free days in the schedule. Let's see if we can get ALL the real-time player AI and at least a draft of the interface done this week!

It shouldn't be too hard to get the AI done, since I'm using many of the same basic ideas as the previous (Iverson) engine. I've refined the AI to be a lot faster and more efficient, but much of the logic is the same. I know I was talking big about going to a steering system for the AI a few weeks ago. After prototyping it, I realized it wasn't going to be any better than the point-cloud system I'm using now. I decided to stick with the point cloud system and refine it to be faster, rather than start all over with something new. Afterall, this will be my 3rd engine using the point-cloud. I'm sure I can make it better than ever!
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