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Fortuna Game #20 – Home vs Sloan Bratislava. The heavy. I begin countering. Let’s see what we can do. Will I show up? They are playing with an injured player. Early on this game has been theirs. Krasic feeds Dodoi nasty, turned aside, Dodoi pounces on the rebounds and finishes it in the 11th. A few minutes later we injure one of their players and they head off. Another of theirs is injured in the 37th. In the 43rd they claw back. Half 1-1. They have been the better side. They have twice as many shots as us. I send in Militosyan for Wohlfarth. Niba for Ederson. Steinhubel for Kona. In the 84th Chovanec feeds Dodoi for goal! Nice! 4 minutes of time. Can we hold on? Nope! They score in extra time and we tie 2-2. MOM is Dodoi. Here is how unfair that result was for us:

Shots by us? 7
Shots on target by us? 3

Shots by them? 22
Shots on target by them? 10

Three times as much as us! We just showed up. Krasic was 7.8 in his debut. Against the heavy of the league!

We are currently 5th. I’ll show you the full Fortuna after two more games

Jungr is back from his long injury
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