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Fortuna Game #21 – Way vs Trencin – I begin defensive. I wished we played in this cool yellow kits more! They sink a corner in the 12th. First shot of the game by either team. Quiet and then they score in the 28th. Chovanec to Jungr, goal, 43rd. Welcome back Jungr! I think you missed us! Half. Stats aren’t that out of whack. We only have 2 fewer shots. I make no major adjustments. We’ve seemed to clam down. I meant “calm down” but clam down sounds funnier. Krasic crosses nastily to Dodoi for goal in the 47th to tie it. Wohlfarth feeds Dodoi for goal in the 55th to put us up! Nicer!

I doubt that score stands but it’s nice to be in matches against the big guys now. Here comes Trencin. Marius Chari for Kona. They get two bookings fast. Niba for Milanovic. Steinhubel for a tired Jungr. 5 minutes. Can we hold on and defeat a major powerhouse at their spot? We do! MOM is Dodoi. Nice! Krasic with a 8.1 rating. Dude looks good.

Feb 28 – Transfer deadline for Slovak clubs

Deadline passes quietly for us
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