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We have a new intake of youth players!

I have to admit that several of these do look good and Slavik could do very well for us. Any others I wanna scout? I look for a few.

Euro Quals Game #1 Home vs Streda. I begin controlling In the 5th minute, Chovanec feeds Milanovic on a IFK and then….that’s it. Quiet half. 1-0 us. Don’t get complacent! They begin to take control of the game and in the 60th score. Militosyan heads in. Chari for Kona. Krizan for Ederson. They score in the 89th. Can we tie things up? 4 minutes. They collect a card for frequent fouls. We lose 1-2.

Not the way I wanna start my EURO Quals campaign from the 6 spot!
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