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We sign a number of youthers

Cup Match, QF -Away vs Nove mesto – I begin standard. It’s all us so far. Then they push us back. Dodoi to Wohlfarth for goal in the 23rd after a nasty ball by Ederson in the box. Quiet rest of the half until extra time when everyone is running around all over the magazine. Half we are up 1-0. Don’t get complacent! You did last time! They foul Dodoi in the box. Here comes Wohlfarth’s PK and…Sunk. Kunik for Chovanec. They net a card. I send in Krizan for Milanovic. Kunik to Dodoi for goal in the 80th. I send in Abraham for Krasic. An own goal by Krizan. Wohlfarth to Dodoi for goal in the 87th. We hold and win 4-1. MOM is Dodoi.

We make it to the Semis!

We face Ruzomberok in the semi final.

Zilina got two amazing Slovakian youth. Like really amazing. I'd swap youths with them if I could whole sale.
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