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Euro Quals Game #2 - Home vs Trnava – I hands out rests and begin controlling. Our keeper goes walkabout they score in the 8th. Eccentricity? They have all of the early momentum so I ease to counter. Then things might change. In the 24th we injure their GK. They collect a yellow, probably angry. Half. Show me something else! Wohlfarth to Dodoi for goal in the 49th, and we are level. Krizan for an underperforming Milanovic. Simoncic for Jungr. Dodoi to Wohlfarth for goal in the 78th!!! I send in Kunik for Jan. Can we hold on? 4 minutes of added time and? We do! We win 2-1. Good job! MOM is Dodoi with a goal and an assist.

Niba is back from his injury

Dodoi never played this well for me at Sepsi!

I go to my board to see if they’ll let me have more coaches. They agree!

I look for another coach…

I make an offer to 35 year old Azeri (from Azerbaijan) international Branimir Subasic.

Our head of youth development is offered a head coach role

Our new coach arrives! He is an attacking coach stud.

I search for a new Head of Youth Development – I find my guy Slovakian Martin Jakubo.

Militosyan just scored his first goal for Armenia! I congratulate him!

Jakubo heads elsewhere to be a coach. Hmm…

I place an advert
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