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EURO Qual Game #4 – Home vs Ruzomberok – I am Standard again! Watch I’ll probably lose today 0-1. I seem to do much better in my Cup games this season. Jan to Jungr, goal, 1:45 mark. Okay maybe we’ll be better outside of the Cup match! Dodoi feeds Wohlfarth for goal at the 6:01 mark. They intercept a backpass and score on an empty goal in the 11th. This is a much busier game. Like night and day. They tie it in the 24th. In the 32nd, Wohlfarth feeds Jan for goal. 3-2 us. Half. Don’t get complacent! How could two teams playing in the same place at the same week have such different results? Ah football. Krasic to Dodoi, goal, 51st. 4-2 us. Looks like they didn’t get complacent. At least yet. Jungr to Wohlfarth, goal, 55th minute. Militosyan for a tired Wohlfarth. Simoncic for a tired Saumel. Niba for a tired Pinter. Krasic to Miliosyan for goal in the 85th. We win 6-2 the opposite score of one we had a few games ago. I wish these two ratings were reversed. MOM is Jungr.

Wow hello two games.

I take a look at my posting for our open spot. I make an offer to Czech Ludek Zajic

After working with him Steinhubel has learned the MC spot and we’ll begin to give him subs for Kona here and there to solidify it.
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