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1st – Finals of the Cup vs Podbrezova, the Pohar
5th – Home vs Zilina
12th – Away vs Ruzomberok
19th – Away vs Slovan Bratislava

Good Training. Dodoi.

The Finals!

This is the first final in the Pohar for both of us! Neither has one it before. I will begin today controlling. Our foe is locked deep in a relegation battle and is currently sitting at 10th with just 21 points in 29 games.

Get Ready Football Fans and Welcome to Bratislava, home of the Neutral Site!

The game kicks off and we are in our awesome yellow kits. I love these so much!

Kona to Wohlfarth in at the 3:20 mark! Nice start!

Here let me show you and you can see the kits as well…

As you can see we scored very early. That will hopefully stamp out an auspicious beginning to the whole thing. Ten minutes melts away. Then Krasic feeds Dodoi for goal at the 17th minute! We have some advantage and force some corners but no more goals come from it. Our foes get some push but nothing. On a counter in the 37th minute Ederson feeds Dodoi for a goal. Half. Don’t. Get. Complacent. Please. Kona to Dodoi in the 56th called offsides. Kunik for Jan Chovanec. They score in the 68th. Niba for Pinter. Simoncic for Jungr and I swap him and Kona. 3 minutes of stoppage.

We hold and win 3-1!!! MOM is Dodoi with two scores.

Good everyone! We have made it to the EURO next year!
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