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I hand out rests

EURO Qual #8 – Home vs Zilina – I rest Kona he’s too tired. Steinhebel starts for him. I begin countering. Ederson to Chovanec off a counter in the 18th. Awesome! Own goal by Hrasso in 24th. Sigh. Hrasso. We injure one o’ their players. Chovanec with another goal in the 36th! Awesome! Half. 2-1 us. We have two shots on target but they are both scoring. Don’t get complacent! I injure another player. They equalize in the 56th. Simoncic and Militosyan head in. Then Niba. 4 minutes of extra time. They get a late booking and then another. Jungr to Wohlfarth for goal at the 94:06 mark! We win 3-2. Whew! MOM is Chovanec.

That wins puts us in 4th.
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