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EURO Qual #10 – Away vs Slovan Bratislava. Ready? Defensive. This is not how you wanna wind up things! This is the 175th match for our club for Hrasso. We are in our pretty yellow kits again! They score off a nasty cross in the 5th. Minute. Of the game.Wohlfarth is a bit banged up but we’ll leave him in to run it off. The 20th minute sees another score by them. We haven’t shown up to this game either. An own goal by them brings the score to 2-1. Kona to Wohlfarth in the 43rd. Welcome to the game! Glad we left him in. Half tied. Good score! Vengeance after out last match! They score off a counter in the 59th. Kiba for Pinter. Kunik for Krasic. Simoncic for Saumel. Jungr collects a card. Another counter score in the 87th. We lose 2-4.
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