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I make an offer to extend Chovanec by a single year to backup for 1 year at 500/week.

I want to keep him around in case I don’t find a new hot body.

I hand the captaincy to Saumel from Niba.

Here are my goals for the team:

1. Year 1 - Establish a youth squad. Nitra has very little – CHECK!
2. Stay up this year – CHECK!
3. Get a mid-table finish comfortably - CHECK
4. Year 2 - Next year get to the top half of the league and begin to play for EURO play in the playoffs – CHECK ONE YEAR EARLY.
5. Turn Nitra into a power that can rival the major team in this league – Slovan Bratislava
7. Win the Fortuna
8. Qualify for Champions play.
9. Turn Nitra into an Eastern European heavyweight on the level of a Sparta Prague or CSKA Moscow.
10. Secure Nitra well enough that it’ll survive after the manager leaves
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