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Alright! We finished the Pohar win earlier than I thought and the top half earlier than I thought to. That gives us a springboard of success for next year.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

1. Secure a new Dodoi to use as a rotational young option. Wohlfarth isn’t getting any younger and Dodoi will be signed away sooner or later.
2. Secure a new ML that can play as well as Krasic did at MR.
3. Bring in a new MC for Kona. Kona has lost a step this year.
4. Bring in a new DC to start over Pinter.
5. Bring in depth.

We were the hot and cold team. We only tied TWICE. We win big or lose big and that needs to change.

My ST needs to be a hot prospect 4th in line for the throne I can grow

I need the studiest DC I can find, as well as ML and MC

Saumel announces his retirement and we’ll have that DMC spot open too.

I ask him to reconsider.
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