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GK Hrasso – 2. He’s one of the best players on my team and best GKs in the league, but he also allowed too many goals, although he was fine statistically. I could see myself replacing him.

DC Milanovic – 3 My best DC by rating, stats, and look. Locked into his starting job

DC Ederson – 2 Ederson was a better DMC than DC but he’s better than the others. I move him to First team from key player.

DC Pinter – 2. He was a rotational guy who had some good stats. Younger, and I see him as my future role for Niba taking starts where injury needs, and subbing him in during the game regularly.

DMC Saumel – 1, 33 years old, captain, played alright, announced his retirement. If he retires, I’ll need to grab a new DMC.

MC Kona – 1 - -Was my 2nd best player player but form and age have hit him hard. He needs to be replaced. I drop him to first team as well.

MR Krasic – 3 – Like fellow Serbian Milanovic, he is locked in for now. He’s strong.

ML Chovanec – 0 – Chovanec played well and I extended him for a year, but he’s 34 and dropping in ability. He plays better than he looks. I signed him with a backup role and expect to see that happen.

AMC Jungr – 2 – 31 now, injury prone, he’s fine. I drop him to first team as well. I have him as a starter this year and it’s not on my hit list, but if I uncover a better player I wouldn’t be shocked.

ST Wohlfarth – 2 - I drop him to first team. This 33 year old finished 3rd in the Fortuna in goals and was great in ratings, assists, and more. He performed a great strike partnership with Dodoi, but his age will drop him in quality and in performance, so this is, I suspect, his last year starting for me.

ST Dodoi – 2- Dodoi led the goals and was our most in form player. He’s young and getting better. We’ll hold onto him for about another six months or so and then someone will pay his minimum release fee of 3.1 mill and he’ll head out then.

I need more younger folks like Dodoi or 20s rocks like Krasic and Milanovic, but my preference is the hot prospect deal of a Dodoi.
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