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Welcome to June

Alrigh let’s find myself a new striker first.

But first is he already on my team?

It’s not Adam Dunda or anyone else.

Alright let’s scout around…

I find a 16 year old South African who isn’t developed enough and I’ve tried to keep myself only in EE, but I make Manqoba Ngubane a deal. I found him by scouting youth on U19 and U21 squads that look good on first sight.


I think I found ymy first Wonderkid who might be interested in coming here

Jack Bruno, 16, already develop,d ST, Australia

Now he’s not interested in a hot prospect deal so instead I offer a rotational deal.

I also move to sign another Australian player for him

What about AMRC Damien Beaton? He’s 18 and unsigned. I also make an offer to unsigned mc Duncan Duggan.

Sounds good! Let’s bring in Australia and then we’ll see.
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