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Now what?

Let’s look at ML.

I make a trial offer for Serbian Zoran Milovac

I make an offer to MC and DMC 32 year old Damir Vrancic. He can be my Kona in the middle or my Saumel at DMC. He’ll join us when he contract ends.

What about DC?

My favorite unsigned is stud DC Bogdan Mitrea of Romanian fame. I offer him a trial.

That gives me targets at ST, MC/DMC, DC and ML. Let’s move on and see what happens.

I agree tentatively to a rotation deal with Zoran Milovac.

The first to sign is ST Jack Bruno!

Here’s Jack. As you can see he’s a new-gen. We are paying him 550/week. Now I had to make him a rotational offer to bring him in but at 16 he’s better than Militosyan. I move him to backup role. This is a very developed 16 year old Striker, and again, I suspect he’s a wonderkid as he’s acting like it.
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