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Now I have some cash to use.

What am I interested in? A stud MC to knock Vrancic to DMC? A stud DC to move Ederson off the bad parts of this team? Another wonderkid? An AMC that’ll embarrass Jungr?

Let’s look at who just got released

Here are my current starters to help with this conversation:

GK Hrasso

DC Milanovic, Mitrea, Pinter

DMC Ederson

MC Vranic

MR Krasic

ML Milovac

AMC Jungr

ST Dodoi, Wohlfarth

I see Pinter or Ederson as replaceable.

Can I find another stout DC?

I hand Niba a backup role.

Here are my ideal 7 subs with a new DC

DC Pinter, Niba
ST Militosyan, Bruno
Two middles from the various groups I might rotate in like Kubik, Chovanec, and more.

That works for me.

What DC?
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