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My ideal preference is to get a younger hot prospect I can rotate in, but that might be too hard to find right now. I don’t see anyone in that region that is returning my calls. Next up a studly Mitrea or Milanovic?

My best choice is probably Daniel Pudil, 32 years old, Czech, DC, well rounded, 33 caps. I check to see if his is interested in joining fellow Czech Jungr on my best 11. Nope, we lack the financial resources he is looking for. Ah well, I offer him a trial to see if he’ll join and then stay.

Who else? Pudil was my favorite choice among local options. Could I follow Ederson and Wohlfarth and Bruno and move for a player not from Eastern Europe? Hm… let’s look.

I found someone, Spaniard Unai Bilbao. Do I wanna gofer?

Let’s wait to see if Pudil comes on a trial first. He doesn’t. I make an offer to Unai.

He joins us!

Welcome to the club!

Here you go. As you can see he’s strong with heading and jumping, marking and tackling, and more. He’s is strong. We have him for a while and at 2.5k/week on a key player deal. I’ll start him in the back with my Serbian and my Romanian. These additions should help to shore up my team a lot.
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