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Alright let’s get to the EUROS!

I transfer list Patrik Abraham

Niba wants to move and not be my backup and I’ve agreed to let him go for a certain price

I confirm my squad for the EUROs

I do another friendly

I accept an offer for Niba

I make an offer to extend Richard Krizan’s hot prospect deal by a few years

I name Wohlfarth the team captain and leave Hrasso as vice

I promote our raw Czech potential stud Michal Kamenik to the main roster.

Wanna see him?


Of course you do! Here is Kamenik after a lot of growing and he’s been with us almost a year. I want to start giving him the occasional stat. He’s rawer than my other guy the young Australian striker, but he’s getting better. I also gave him a mentorship with fellow Czech Jungr. He’s growing and should prove to be a nice addition to my squad as a sub right now. I make him eligible for my B team games as well.
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