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I connect Jungr with Duggan.

EURO Match at Home – vs Lokomotiv Plovdiv – I begin standard to get a feel for the game. Quiet match early, they get a card in the 12th. At the 20th minute I have 5 shots to their 0. Quiet 10 minutes. Dodoi set up by Jungr deep in the box feeds Wohlfarth and we go up 1-0 at the 30th minute. Two minutes later Wohlfarth returns the favor and feeds Dodoi for goal. By the 40th we have 10 shots. Half. Don’t get complacent! They injure Vrancic lightly and I send in Kona for him. Pinter for Bilbao who’s nervous. Dodoi feeds Krasic for goal in the 63rd . Chovanec heads in for a tired Milovac.

Here wanna see my game results?

We dominated them in our first EURO Game! We had loads of shots, goals, etc. Wohlfarth the MOM.
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