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Hrasso allowed three non-penalties on 7 shots. We have to do better.

We draw Hapeol in Israel for the next EURO round.

I have sold Niba

We have sold 2118 season tix

EURO Leg #1 – Home vs Hapeol – We are moving Kona back to the subs. Standard worked well in the first game so I use it here as well. We have the early initiative and we actually manage to make it count this time. Dodoi to Ederson at the 1:03 mark. They are coming at us and we’ve turned away three shots by the tenth minute. It appears things are under our control as the next ten minutes melt away. Around the 30s we have five minutes of dominance but nothing comes of it. They have a shot in the 43r that appears offsides but it is not waived off that ties the match. Half 1-1. We each have 10 shots 4 on target. They score again in the 53rd. I pull Milanovic after he collects a card for Pinter. Bruno for Dodoi. They score in the 74th. I send in Kona for Vrassic. We injure one of their players in extra time. Time. We lose 1-3. I was hoping for a better EURO campaign than that!
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