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It’s really time.

Losses of 5-1, 3-1 at home, 6-2, and 4-1 cannot continue when I am playing defensively.

I need a new goalkeeper.

Hrasso looks good but isn’t playing it.

I had kept my salary with enough to bring in one more big player and I was looking to do so in January to help out the team. No longer. I make an offer to 31 year old Spaniard Javi Jiminez

Two days later him joins us!

Welcome to the club! As you can see he’s good aerially, reflexes, one on ones, and loads more. Now he;s not the fastest keeper in the world and I’d prefer a stonger keeper as well, but he’ll do! He’s also not eccentric either.

I mark Hrasso as not needed and I transfer list him

I get a transfer offer for Hrasso. His last game will be in the EURO.

Kona is injured for a month in training
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