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2nd – Away vs Hapoel
5th – Home vs Zdana that was promoted
11th – Away vs Michalovce
18th – Away vs Slovan Bratislava
25th – Home vs Zilina

Rough opening to the Fortuna with Zilina, Slovan Bratislava and Trencin all in the opening few matches.

Good training – Kirzan, Kamenik, Mitrea

Away vs Hapoel, EURO 2nd Leg – I begin countering. Back to our cool yellows. My prediction? Shut out by Hrasso just to rub my face in it! Krasic to Dodoi, score 6th minute. Here comes Hapoel. They score in the 13th. Their one shot on target of course sinks. wohlfarth to Dodoi, goal, 21st. Ederson with an early card. I swap him and Vrancic on the pitch and then pull him for… no one. Hopefully he’ll have fewer tackle opportunities for now. Half, 2-1 us. Vengeance! Krasic to Dodoi, goal, 47th. Now that’s interesting. That’s puts us at 3-1. And we are tied. One more goal… We injure one of their players. They sink goal in the 66th. Nevermind. I send in Chovanec and Pinter. Vrasic to Dodoi, goal, 72nd. We are now tied at 5-5 and we have the away goal. Am I getting through? Our foes come forward hard. Hard. We bang up another player. Miric for a tired Mitrea. Chovanec to Dodoi, goal, 80th. Krasic to Dodoi, goal, 89th. Game, we win 6-2. Wow. MOM is Dodoi. Here!

Dodoi scored SIX AWAY GOALs. That’s crazy sauce. If I told you ‘d come back from a home game giving up 1-3 on the road that would have been crazy but like this?


Hopefully my new GK will get me away from the cardiac kings.

That set a record for us for most goals in a single game by a player.
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