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Year 1, Chapter 7b- Bobsleigh Update
"Greenland is Ice, but Iceland is Nice"
-D2: The Mighty Ducks

I was waiting at the Airport gate in Oslo Norway, about to fly back to Reykjavik, when my phone rang. It informed me that it was, in fact, Bobsled time, which meant that Gunther, our bobsleigh coach, was calling me.

"Gunther, what news do you have for me?" With a flight upcoming, I had no time for pleasantries today. Thankfully, Gunther must not have either, because he jumped right into the conversation.

"Do you want good news first or bad news?"

"Give me the good stuff first" I replied.

"We took a 15th place of 17 teams in one of the events in Park City this weekend. Took 11th in the second run to move u from last." He paused "16th and 17th in the other two events." He continued, knowing I would want that information.

"That is good news," I offered. "So then what's the bad?"

"Emilia got injured during the last run today. Possibly a hamstring problem. We are going to need to wait and see, but there is a chance she will be out for the runs in Lake Placid later this month."

I grimaced. Seeing that happen to one of the few investments we had made was not a good sign.

"Okay, keep me informed."

I got on the lane shortly after, wondering yet again if this Bobsleigh experiment was going to be worth it.

[END Year 1, Chapter 7b]

As always, remember that you can help improve Iceland's fortunes! With any comments you make on this post, you get Dynasty Points that you can spend at a later date to increase Iceland's budget. I update this thread once each week! Short post today, because I spent the weekend fixing bugs on the program. I had some good success, and I believe I have made some subtle improvements that will help build up the game and also make this dynasty thread a touch easier to run. At any rate, NEXT week will be back to the office for remaining December results.
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