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Spear here.

Dave's publishing partner in Hamilton (2 hours from Dave in Peterborough). I thought I'd check in and introduce myself like I did over at OS.

I've been on OS since 2002 and passionate about sports games all my life.

Anyways - I have a computer software and entrepreneur background. Thought I could help Dave out.

I was following Dave's progress for the new Maximum Football this past summer and we ended up forming a business relationship.

As you're likely aware, there is only one developer and that's Dave. He's worked at multiple major studios (including EA). Maximum Football 2.0/CFL 99 were all side passion projects.

It was his wife that encouraged him to go back into making games for himself on a full-time basis. We have government backed incubators here in Canada which are able to provide support. Dave is passionate about football as much as anybody I know. Thus he created Canadian Football 2017 using the Unity game engine and an Xbox Dev Kit. Maximum Football 2018 was obviously the sequel to last year's game.

The goal for all of us is to have other console-based football titles. We realize this is an indie game and let me reiterate Dave is the only one full-time on this. We aren't going to be Madden but we are passionate about building games and there is true full-time dedication to this now.

I encourage you guys to check out our threads at OS. We continue to make significant improvements to the game on the field. We have a new update in the certification process which has a logo/helmet editor, The Spring League rebranded Practice Mode, Night Games, Gameplay improvements, etc. If you compare the game to CF2017 it's a huge upgrade. If you compare the game now to our release version, it's a huge upgrade too.

Yes we were able to partner with Doug Flutie. He represents the brand and the three leagues well. Doesn't hurt that he's an underdog.

Anyways - I'll stop by here from time to time. Definitely appreciate any support and constructive feedback that you guys have. We have a Discord channel that you're welcome to hang out in too. Discord
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