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28 Mar, 1534 – We get an event:

Expansion of the Penado Madrash

What would I like to do?

I choose: We contribute to the endeavor with these results:

+1 base tax and production in Alagoas

+10 prestige

We get -15% dev costs to all provinces in the Pernambuco area, but reduced tax and production there for a decade.

1 April –

Sergipe – Drylands, coastal, 11 Dev, Coffee, Sunni, Andalusian, 0.38 made here.

I send these colonists to Essequibo. Rio Bronco is my goal, and it’s inland in Colombia, so this is a poor holding which will get me started.

7 June – I reach out to my Ulemma and have them set up shop in the New World which will, for ten years, reduce my native uprising levels and increase their assimilation.

I make a general out of my Heir - he’s 2 star and I hand him my Braganca army

2 July- My heir gains Industrious!

1 Oct – I fabricate a claim on Cumana in France

1 Jan, 1535 –

Alagoas – This was my free colony I got from a colonial expansion event. It is now all grown up! Drylands, Coffee, 0.61 made here, 9 dev, Sunni and Andalusian

We get a new Brazilian colonial nation. I name it Garnatah Brazil.

1 Mar – I fabricate a claim on Aragon’s Tarragona

1 Apr – ADM TECH 12 – We can get 3 more states.

DIP TECH 12 - +0.40 naval morale

The max I could hold didn’t change, but the penalty for early tech growth relaxed on my level 12 holdings.

1 June – I influence nation on Tunis again

1 Aug – Qual Idea 7 – I finish this up! We get:

Espirit de Corps = +5% discipline

We get +5% army recovery speed for finishing this idea group.

We get the next Andalusian Idea –

Al Awasim - +10% fort defense, -25% fort maintenance on the border with a rival

That is our final Idea, and we get:

+10% goods produced or finishing our Ideas.

Now, I choose a new policy that combined Offensive with Exploration:

Letters of Marque - +50% privateer ability and +5% ship durability.

This is free with no upkeep required

Now I could have gotten the next level in MIL (As I am behind, it only costs 340 for my next tech)

But given I am about to enter a war in a few months, this made a lot of sense to me!

1 Sept – Native uprising in Essequibo. I send my conquistadors over from the next province where they are exploring.

26 Sept – Uprising defeated

1 Oct – Sugar in Bahia
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