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Won a $5+0.50 tourney at Bodog, so I have an extra $25 to play with:

Bets for today/tommorrow:

Clemson +11 @ BC (-115) [email protected]:00p
Risk $10.00 to win $8.70

BC is a team that plays to the opposition's level, they won by 9 at Clemson earlier, , but I think it's gonna be closer then 11 this time.

(761) Nebraska vs. (762) Texas Over 128 [email protected]:00p
Risk $10.00 to win $9.09

I think this is a steal. Texas is a huge favorite, but thinking the teams will average 64 each? Good deal.

2 Team Parlay
Spain Primera Division (Game)
Spanish La Liga
(8906) Real Madrid -130 [email protected]:00p
Spain Primera Division (Game)
Spanish La Liga
(8920) Barcelona +135 [email protected]:00p
Risk $10.00 to win $31.58

Real and Barcelona are good bets to win, and I'm getting good odds here.
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