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We have a 3 and out on the opening drive.

Washington doesn't get anything going on their first possession. 3 plays and punt.

Rattay is off to a tough start: 1-5 for 12 yards. Punt.

Kunz makes a catch on 3rd and 7 despite being hit hard by Bruschi.
FB Seth Banducci is off to a good start for the Huskies. 2 rushes for 20 yards.
The drive ends at the 19, kicker on to put 3 on the board. Yep. 3-0, 5:01 left in the quarter.

The offense still stinks, another 3 and out.

OLB Fred Mitchell gets a rare LB sack.
DT Jack Farmer joins in the fun.

Dawson hasn't gotten anything going in the opening quarter. 4 rushes for one yard.
An interception is called back due to defensive holding.
We get our first big play of the game when Brewer takes a short pass on 3rd and three and shakes free for 28 yards. Down to the UW 15.
Voight drops an easy TD.
Dawson now has 6 carries for -2 yards.
38 yard field goal attempt is good. Nice job, Ellis. 3-3, 11:54 left in the half.

RB Tom Harris runs for 21 yards out to midfield.
The Huskies are cutting us up right now, running with ease.
DE Phil Patten records a sack.
43 yard field goal. 6-3 with 8:28 left in the half.

Jackson goes up to get a pass on 3rd and 3. Gain of 7 on his first catch of the day.
Dawson drops a pitch on 3rd and 1. Punt.

DE Ronald Smith gets a sack on 3rd and 4 to force a punt.

Our anemic offense really needs to get going.
4th and 2 at their 49. Rattay stays in and hits Brewer for 6.
Fazande picks up 7 on a 3rd down completion.
Washington is whistled for roughing the passer. 1st down at their 13.
Rattay connects with Jackson for a 14 yard touchdown. 10-6, 0:28 left in the half.

Halftime Notes:
- Offense was pretty stagnant until the final drive. We only have 152 yards.
- Dawson isn't running well. He is still a little nicked up from last week - is he a guy I'm going to have to baby with injuries for the next few years?
- Rattay isn't having a very good game, but his receivers haven't helped him out much so far.
- No turnovers in the game yet. I suspect that will go a long way to determining the winner.

DE Ronald Smith is whistled for roughing the passer to start the 2nd half.
Dave Darden runs for 4 on 3rd and 3.
Darden gets 7 on a reception on 3rd and 7.
Kunz was wide open, but stumbled and the pass was incomplete.
4th and 3 from our 41. Nugent completes a pass to the fullback for 6.
DT Jack Farmer gets a sack on 3rd and 1.
47 yard field goal attempt is short. Way to go, Farmer!

OLB Jeff Dalton is disrupting our ground game today.
Voight picks up 13, most of it after the catch.
Next pass Rattay throws one deep into coverage, but Gary Brewer really made a super play on the ball in the air. 43 yard gain, down at the Huskies 20.
Nothing more from there and Ellis is in for a 39 yard attempt. Short. Short????

Washington is again on the move, picking up first down on the ground and through the air.
QB Nugent and Darden miscommunicate on a 3rd and 5. Washington punts from our 40 and leaves us with the ball on the 4.

Rattay hits Dawson on 3rd and 2, but end up with no yards on the pass. Dawson just sucks today. Punt.

Joe Banducci forces a fumble, but Washington recovers.
3 and out. Punt.

A completion to Jackson is called back on a holding violation.
DT Mili records a sack. Horrible 3 plays there.

The defense deflects a pass at the line and SS Noland King comes up with the interception! We get the ball at our 33. Good start to the 4th quarter.

Another sack for Mili.
Gary Brewer has been the only bright spot on offense. 3rd and 21, Rattay throws for about half of the yards and Brewer gets the rest. 26 yards, up to midfield.
Rattay is picked on a deep out to Voight.

Nugent to Kunz for 9 on 3rd and 7.
A holding call puts Washington with a 1st and 20.
Kunz gets 42 on the next pass, as our FS Keith Thomas comes up lame.
We get away with a huge hold on Kunz to save a TD. Now 3rd and 10 on our 40.
Kunz picks up 9 on a reverse. 4th and 1 at our 31. What should Washington do?
They go for it, but screw up a screen pass that had our defense fooled.

Jackson picks up 11 on a reverse. Which is good, because our QBs can't get the ball in his hands today.
We punt from the 50. Rattay is 14-30 for 184 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT.

3 and out for Washington. I would love to run some clock on our next possession.

3 and out.

Gain of 27. Washington is at our 36. Once again a home team that is a heavy underdog is down 4 and driving for a win in the closing minutes of a game.
We should have more time to work with this time. Screen to Darden gets 35, 1st and goal for UW.
1 yard TD to Kunz. 13-10, 2:57 left in the game.

We return the kick to the 26.
Rattay is sacked, loss of 6.
Sacked again, loss of 7.
Interception on 4th down.
Well, at least Rattay looked strong on the last possession. When is Edwards due back?

The defense gets their backbone again now that it means nothing. 3 and out. Punt.
J.R. Jackson returns the punt for 31 yards, ball at the Bruin 47 and 0:27 seconds to play. One timeout left.

Holy crap. Rattay finds Jackson, who splits two defenders and is angling for the end zone! CB Charles Siani runs him down at the 13. Timeout, 0:21 left to play.
And we spike the ball?
Ellis makes a 31 yard field goal to tie the game with 0:08 left in regulation.

We force a fumble on the kickoff! There is a big scrum ...

The refs say that Washington recovered. Shoot, there was still one second to play and we would have had a shot at a 35 yard field goal. Our guys in the pile have to win that ball if Washington wants to hand us the game like that.
ILB Ben Arthur was injured - forearm - and he won't be seeing the overtime.

DT Dat Cash gets a sack on first down, but it is only a loss of one.
The defense was surly. 3 plays for -2 yards, 45 yard field goal on the way. Their veteran kicker knocks it in. 16-13.

RB Dwayne Baker runs for 11.
In regulation we had 31 rushes for 33 yards, so this is a revelation.
Baker gets 14 and a TD on the next carry! 19-16, we escape.
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