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Tonnemaker gains 15 on his first carry.
But Heinrich throws 3 straight incomplete passes. Punt.
Good play for them, we fumble the return. They recover.

10 on next carry, 17 after that. This is just disturbing.
We celebrate like madmen when we stop him for zero yards. Greg Moore for Pope!
Tonnemaker runs it in on 3rd and goal from the 6. 7-0, 9:55 left in quarter.

DT Damien Tate comes up with a tackle on a screen pass 14 yards downfield. He covers some serious ground.
He gets a sack two plays later.

Ugh - 3rd and 12 and Heinrich completes his first pass in six attempts. For 47 yards.
We need McCallister back, as our pass coverage has really suffered without him.
We stop them at the 35 as they are determined to pass instead of pound Floyd.

Dawson runs for 19.
We punt on 4th and 1 from our 48.
And stick them on the 4 yard line.

FS Greg Moore goes out complaining of stomach pains. Not likely to return.
They pick up a pair of first downs before punting.

Edwards to Dawson, 26 yards on a screen. Dawson really does a good job following his blockers on screen passes. I'll have to look up his receiving yards on the year.
The drive dies on their 36. Punt.
Again the Wildcats start from their 4.

Our backup FS Jerry Brock leaves with a groin injury. So we are down to 3rd string at that position.
Punt. It is a short one and we start at their 47.

QB John Rattay finds Mike Voight for a 29 yard pickup.
Edwards connects with Jackson for 18 yards and a touchdown. 7-7, 10:14 left in the half.

Arizona fumbles the kickoff and we recover it. The offense will set up at the 27.

Edwards is sacked, fumbles, and we lose possession. Bummer.

The defense has responded to Tonnemaker. He now has 10 carries for 43 yards, or about -6 on his last 5 carries.
3 and out. Punt.

We punt after 3 uneventful plays.
The punt sucks. 26 yards, 28 yard return. Arizona is at our 28.

The Wildcats are called for unnecessary roughness on 1st down.
And J.R. Jackson picks off a pass on 3rd and 27. A good runback puts the ball on their 34 yard line.
Tonnemaker is now down to 12 carries for 37 yards. DE-FENSE!

One play drive - Edwards to Brewer on a blown assignment. 34 yards. 14-7, 5:17 left in the half.

The Arizona backup QB is in for a prolonged stretch. Did they pull the starter? Unknown injury?
Either way, it is working as Barry Fiss is picking up 3rd downs for them.
They finally are halted at the 16. A 34 yard field goal is good. 14-10, 0:36 left in the half.

Halftime Notes:
Arizona has held the ball for just over 19 minutes.
We are doing a good job against the run, but aren't really running well either.
3rd down conversions: Us 0-5, Them 6-12. If we improve in this area without losing the turnover battle we should win this game.

2nd play from scrimmage, Edwards sees that Brewer has beat his man and lays out the ball perfectly. 61 yard TD! Penalty on the play - against the defense. 21-10, 13:57 left in the quarter.

DT Jared Burford records a sack - believe that is #6 on the year.
3 and out.
The punt is returned to our 47.

Edwards with a great play fake on 3rd and 1, then he throws it up for Ben Jackson to run under. 29 yard gain.
Next play, 15 yards for a TD to Mike Voight. 28-10, 10:39 left in the quarter.
Edwards is 11-15 for 235 yards and 4 TD passes.

QB Fiss it intercepted after throwing into coverage. Offense starts at the Wildcats 39.

3 runs, DT Tate stuffs a pair of them. Punt. Looks like we missed an opportunity to land the death blow.

We punt on 4th and 1 from the 49. This time I absolutely think it is the right decision.
Dayne leaves them stuck on the 9.

We get a bad spot and Arizona has a first down on a 3rd and 7 pass.
Arizona's backup RB Jeff Sims has run the ball better than Tonnemaker today, although he only has 1/2 the carries.
23 rushes for 66 for Tonnemaker. 12 for 54 for Sims.
They punt from their 32. Another kicker without a big leg.

Edwards connects with Brewer for a very tough grab. 33 yards. He has 6 catches for 164 yards and 2 TDs on the day, perhaps the best of his career.
Edwards is sacked, setting up a 3rd and 19.
He throws one up high and Edwards skies to make the catch for 20 yards!
Roughing the passer on the next play, inside the 10.
Dawson puts the ball on the ground, but OG Perryman recovers it.
We end up kicking a 23 yard field goal. Or not - it is blocked.

OLB Hank Swilling leaves with an elbow injury. Hate to see an injury late in a game like this.
Hate to see Tonnemaker gain 17 on 3rd down. But it was 3rd and 18. That kind of day for him. 27 carries for 87 yards now. Punt.

Well that was a bad drive for Edwards - incomplete, incomplete, picked. At least it was a deep ball that was air mailed and no return.

Holding on Arizona - they have gotten the worst of the refs today.
8 penalties for 58 yards, compared to 2 for 15 on us.
3 and out. Punt on 4th and 24.

We are in run-out-the-clock mode with under 3 minutes to play.
We move the chains once before being forced to punt.
25 yard return on a 38 yard kick. Every once in awhile Dayne has a stinker and they are short and returnable.

DT Jack Farmer gets himself a sack.
Defensive holding on an incomplete pass on 3rd and long.
DT Jared Burford leaves the game grabbing his lower back. Please don't be serious ...
DE Joe Banducci gets a sack on the last play of the game. His 2nd of the day.

Very nice game by the D. Held Tonnemaker to 87, 2nd straight sub-100 yard game after 15 straight to start his career.

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