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Award Finalists are out:

QB - Chuck Burford (ORE), Eric Williams (WSU)
HB - Floyd Tonnemaker (ARI)
WR - Jeff Buttone (OSU), Ben Jackson (UCLA)
TE - None
OL - Antonio Johnson (ORE)
DL - Tim Mili (WASH)
LB - None
DB - Kevin Barnett (WSU), Keith Bland (STAN), Fred Edmunds (WASH), Marques Herring (ARI), Jacquez King (STAN)
K - Michael Anderson (USC)
P - Kareem Clemons (CAL), Sonny Thomas (ASU)
Return - William Blades (WSU), Mike Hall (ARI)

POY - Eric Williams (WSU)
DPOY - Kevin Barnett (WSU), Keith Bland (STAN), Tim Mili (WASH)
COY - Steve Gilmore (WSU)

I'm surprised not to see at least one more running back on the list and a little surprised at the depth of the defensive backs. I knew there were some good ones in conference but I didn't expect to see 30% of the finalists come from our conference.
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