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Outgoing Seniors:
QB Harold Edwards - Finally a full-time starter as a senior after splitting time for 3 seasons. Career numbers of 7,199 yards and 57-26 TD/INT ratio for rating of 142.8. Would have been higher if he was not sacked 73 times ... We will miss him but hope Ratty is able to take over next year without much drop-off. Terrific senior year with 28-5 TD/INT ratio and 182.7 rating.

RB Jimmy Bacon - Fine as far as 3rd RB options go for a middle-of-road team but we hope to have better than him when we get the program really rolling. Had 43 of his 51 total college carries this year. Good clubhouse guy, but noted fumbler (3 in 43 carries).

FB Hagood Morris - Starter for first 3 years in career before giving way to LaShon Toomer this year. Offered excellent depth, satisfactory starter. No complaints, we wish him well in his future endeavors.

WR Dan Brown - 17 of his 27 career catches were before I took over the program. Caught a 24 yard TD pass the only time a ball was thrown to him in his senior year. Not much talent, not a great loss.

WR Gary Brewer - a great talent, #1 WR in his HS senior class. Four year starter who struggled with grades early in his career. Started all 39 games he played, finished with 216 catches for 3194 yards and 21 TDs. Very strong senior year, only 1000 yard season (1,089) with 0 drops and 9 TDs. We like him a great deal and will miss him.

WR Bill Stablein - got a lot more playing time as an underclassman, good WR who was victim of a numbers game. Had 5 TDs in his 16 catches this year. Believes he should have had a bigger role this season. We believe he was wrong. Finished with 111 catches for 1,569 yards and 13 TDs for his career.

OG Bill Lee - Was pressed into starting duty as a junior, which was not good for UCLA or our skill position players. Allowed 15 sacks in 10 games that year. Only got in one game this season, and of course allowed a sack. He realizes he was lucky to receive a letter at UCLA and showed that appreciation by always going hard in practice. Not well, but hard.

C Ron Brown - never played a snap. Somehow was on scholarship. Kind of an urban legend, but not in a good way.

DE Joe Banducci - good player, 3+ year starter who had 16 sacks and 13 forced fumbles in his tenure. We have a replacment in Patten, but he is still a loss.

DT Dat Cash - I hope never to have another guy ranked #2174 in his class start a pair of games as a senior. I hope never to have a guy ranked that low see our roster as an upperclassman. Dat got a sack this year. Kind of like a 40 year old virgin scoring a model.

ILB Jerry McCullough - Starter his first three years, but tackles declined every year as talent around him got better. 239 tackles for career is a solid number. Glad that he was able to accept a lesser role this year with the same class he showed when he was BMOC.

FS Greg Moore - 3+ year starter. Finished with 184 tackles, 10 INTs, 10 passes defended, and a pair of TDs. Good player who we always hoped would be a little bit better. Had some durability challenges that slowed him, especially during his senior year.

SS Noland King - starter as underclassman, provided solid depth his last two seasons. Finished with 173 tackles. Hailed from Chicago, which is a plus in my book.

SS Joe Lusk - Almost non-existant as an upperclassman after being part-time starter his first two seasons. Would have played more if he had stayed awake in position meetings.

P Harry Dayne - Four year starter. Stats were not great, but I never had any complaints about him. Rarely felt like he was costing us games or excessive field position.

Juniors who might leave (no announcements, just speculating)
WR Ben Jackson
C Nick Moore
DE Ronald Smith
WR Mike Voight (redshirt SO)

I'm hoping all of these guys come back - Jackson is most likely to bail. We are already losing a couple of decent WRs and another good DE, so those losses would hurt. I don't like our depth at center enough to be happy about replacing Moore.
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