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Team Performance: B
Talent: A
Recruiting: B (unusual for my teams)
Board Expectations: A
Prestige: A
Overall: A

Prestige is up to 68 - believe that is another two point jump.

Coaching moves:
- Texas has hired a new head man.
- So has TCU, who I believe has been pretty successful; they raided Florida State, who has not been any great shakes yet.
- We lose our stud Defensive Coordinator Ben Liddiard to Utah. Good hire by them; we will be hard-pressed to replace him.
- Oregon State fired their head coach, pulled in a guy from the Auburn staff to help them get the program going.

Rutgers, Minnesota, Nebraska (would be tempting if we were not on mission from God), Navy, South Bend (wow, if there was not already a 'destroy the franchise' dynasty going ...), Akron, Eastern Michigan, Colorado State, Stanford (they have given us trouble - perhaps at a later date after I build up these guys a little more), Alabama, Utah State, and ...

Southern Cal. I turn it down. But I am very, very amused.

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