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Redshirts and Cuts:
QB - both freshmen are redshirted. We'll have to sort this out next season depending on if Rattay is back. But the two new guys have a little more talent than the ones we brought in last year.

HB - We cut Ernie Knafelc (1/3). We leave the other super-scrub to help our team GPA.

FB - Billy Cushing (5/10) is a redshirt instead of being a 4th stringer.

WR - We have five guys who are 12 or better right now. That means our two freshmen, Lonzell Peters (9/13) and Virgil Stonesifer (6/11) are redshirted. We leave a guy on the roster as a 6th receiver who has a 3.94 GPA because there are some grade issues with the current group. But I'll probably burn a redshirt if I have to here.

TE - Freshman Barry Denard (5/12) is the backup so he is not redshirted. The other two guys on our roster are complete junk. We cut the 1/6 guy and keep the 2/6 just in case.

OT - Not enough talent or good enough grades to cut any of the six players, even though two of them are begging for their release. Practice hard, kids.

OG - Pretty much the same story, as our five decent OGs all have GPAs between 2.02 and 2.34. The sixth guy is a tutor.

C - Three guys all keep their spots. And we weep over the SO having to remain on the roster.

DE - More dumb starters and reserves, but our 5th guy is terrible and smart. See a theme here?

DT - Six players here, finally have some depth. But until grades are in we will keep the stiff instead of cutting him (6th guy is a 1/4)

ILB - My kingdom for a green player on D. I can't keep retaining horrible players and have the team respect me, so we cut a 1/5. It helps that the remaining four players here have decent grades.

OLB - We will keep all five guys. No major whining about them either, although they are not a great collection.

CB - McAllister comes into the year with a 2.22 GPA. Miracles really do happen. We cut a freshman walkon.

S - We cut a freshman walkon.

K/P - I hope that Bingaman doesn't get hurt because we have a handicapped kid listed as the backup punter. It is nice to do something for the community in terms of a feel-good story, but a 1/2 player should never see the field.
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