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Chapman runs for 17 yards on his first touch, undressing our defenders in the process.
And QB Jerry Emmons throws a 50 yard TD strike on his 2nd attempt of the day. 7-0, 13:23 to play in the quarter.

Nothing is easy on the first drive. We eke out a pair of 1st downs to move into BYU territory.
4th and 1 at their 32. Rattay throws to Thelwell, but it is high and sails out of bounds.

A 19 yard run for Chapman looks pretty easy.
BYU drives to our 37 before being forced to punt.

Rattay is drilled in the backfield, but BYU is called for defensive holding.
Morris eeks out 1 on 3rd and 1.
The defense is sitting on Morris as Rattay looks wild early on.
And Rattay goes down on a sack, giving BYU the ball at our 19.

The defense is stout here, only allowing 2 yards.
35 yard field goal is good. 10-0, 2:49 left in the quarter.
Hopefully the hangover is complete for our offense.

Well, a 35 yard pass play to Martin says it is. But the fumble afterwards leaves questions. We did recover ...
Morris runs for 5 on 3rd and 5. Into long field goal range.
Rattay is 4-11, pretty ugly stuff in the 1st quarter.
4th and 1 at the 26. Ellis kicks a 44 yard field goal. 10-3 at the end of one.

They run the option and Chapman has 13.
But that is the only first down on this drive.

3rd and 2, Rattay looks deep and finds Martin for 35 yards.
Again to Martin deep - 44 yards down to the 2 on this play.
2 yard screen pass to Morris - looks like Rattay woke up. 10-10, 11:07 left in the half.

BYU has a new QB taking the snaps - Jerry Joe. He can't advance the offense. Punt.
61 yard boot, no return, and we are back at the 9.

Morris breaks the tie with a 65 yard TD run. 11 rushes for 101 yards, as his average per carry suddenly climbed ... 17-10, 6:35 left in the half.

23 yards for Chapman - this guy is killing us. 7 carries for 84 yards so far.
Joe hits his RB Winder for 10 on 3rd and 6, despite a big hit from McAllister.
BYU keeps picking up first downs on this drive, into the red zone.
Chapman picks up 5 on 3rd and 3. First and goal at the 8.
4th and goal at the 3, and they take a 21 yard field goal. 17-13, 0:37 left in the half. That was a 15 play drive.

Halftime Notes:
We were sleepwalking through the first 15 minutes of this game. Their RB is abusing us. We have to take advantage of the backup QB and force some turnovers.
BYU has sustained some injuries in the first half. We need to wear them out.

We go 3 and out on the opening drive.

They are dropping a whole lot of looks on us - reverse, swing pass, pitchouts. And most of it is working.
4th and 1 from our 39 - no dice as the defense forces an incomplete pass to the RB Chapman.

3 and out again for the offense.

Ditto for the Cougars. Punt.

Rattay completes a pass to Palmer for 13.
Morris up the gut for 10.
Thelwell makes a grab with full extension for 34 yards, down to the 15.
Our run blocking breaks down from the 5, as BYU is in the backfield 3 straight plays.
Ellis kicks a 30 yard field goal. 20-13, 4:52 left in the 3rd quarter.

Chapman is over 100 yards on 12 carries.
Joe scrambles for 14 yards. I am not pleased ...
And even less so when Chapman is all alone on a flare pass that he takes in from 44 yards out. 20-20, 2:42 left in the 3rd.

3rd and 3, Rattay finds Martin on an out pattern. Martin stays inbounds and cuts it up field for a 47 yard gain. 1st down at the 18.
Martin has 5 catches for 168 yards on the day. Good to see he has fully recovered from his back injury last year.
Voight makes a great adjustment on a poorly thrown pass and spins away from the defense while juggling the ball - 10 yards and a TD! 27-20, end of 3.

DT Jack Farmer leaves the game with a knee injury.
3 and out for BYU. The QB is not happy with his WR Allen, who dropped 2 passes.

Rattay is sacked on 3rd and 3. We punt from the 46.

3 and out again for BYU - they are abandoning the run too early.

13 yard pass to Morris, into field goal range.
And here is the Rattay blowup - bad interception, it is returned to the 39.

The defense doesn't surrender a single yard. BYU punts again.
Good one, we are left on our 8.

3 and out for the offense. Rattay is now 15-30 on the day.
And BYU runs the punt back - 66 yards on the return. 27-27, 6:49 to play.
So much for the cover ...

Time to see if our guys respond to pressure.
J.R. Jackson takes the kick back to the 45.
Rattay goes to Mr. Reliable, John Voight for a 23 yard gain.
We are stuffed inside the 20 after back-to-back handoffs to our backup RB and a WR.
Ellis kicks a 37 yard field goal. 30-27, 3:48 to play.

Pass for 14 to the TE.
Sack by DT Roger Parsons on 2nd down.
Incomplete on 3rd and 14. Punt. We take over with about 2 to play.

Morris steps out of bounds - dumbass.
And gets 4 on 3rd and 5. We punt from our 41.

BYU starts at the 21 with 1:17 to play and all timeouts.
Big pass play, gain of 32 but the play ends with a FUMBLE!!! BYU dives on it and calls timeout! 1st and 10 at our 47, 1:01 to play.
Busted play, QB scrambles for 0 yards. Timeout.
Incomplete. 3rd and 10.
21 yard completion to WR Tommy Allen. Timeout.
1st and 10 at the 26, 0:50 to play.
Incomplete - and they spike?
47 yard field goal to tie - and it's good! 30-30, 0:21 to play.

No magic in the final seconds and we are headed to OT.

Their ball first.
Gain of one on option play.
Joe to WR Ervins for 15.
Handoff to Winder for 5.
Chapman for 3, down at the 1.
Chapman runs it in. 37-30.

5 yard pass to Martin.
14 yards to Martin.
4 yards to Thelwell.
Morris runs it in from the 2. 37-37.

12 yard completion to Martin.
Sack on Rattay, loss of 7.
Drop by Thelwell.
Another drop by Thelwell, would have been 6.
Ellis kicks a 38 yard field goal. Pretty clutch. 40-37.

Incomplete pass.
1 yard run by Winder.
Gain of 3 on completion to Ervins.
39 yard field goal is good. 40-40.

No gain for Chapman.
-3 for Winder.
20 yard completion to Ervins - ARGH!
Interception by McAllister in end zone!!!

Incomplete, dropped by Voight on good hit.
Gain of 1 for Morris.
20 yard completion to Voight!
-3 for Morris on outside run.
Completion to Voight for 5.
Gain of 1 for Morris.
Incomplete pass on 4th and 1???? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME????

Rattay to Palmer for 15.
1 yard run for Morris.
2 yard run for Morris.
3 yard screen to Morris.
22 yard field goal is good.

3 yard run for Winder.
8 yard run for Winder.
5 yard option run for Winder.
3 yard option to Chapman.
1 yard run for Chapman.
Chapman stuffed for no gain.

Game over. I'm infuriated by the OT logic here.
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