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Sellout crowd of 100,089 on hand.

3 and out for the Cardinal offense, who ran a pair of screen passes to open the game. Punt. We start at their 49.

We come out pounding the ball with Nicolas Morris. 3 straight carries.
Followed by a reverse for Kai Olsen, who gains 11.
Two straight incompletions (both on the dreaded comeback pattern) end the drive.
We run a fake field goal on 4th and 10 from the 22. No gain.

Another 3 and out for Stanford. Punt.

This drive starts with Rattay throwing 3 straight plays and moving the chains.
Ineligible receiver downfield costs us a 37 yard TD.
Drive dies at the 41. Frustrating year so far (sigh). Punt.

Stanford still does not have a first down, as the defense has been very strong in the early going. Punt.

Morris gets the call to start the next drive, picking up 10 on a draw play. Down at the Stanford 40.
Rattay gets us on the board with a 33 yard strike to Palmer. 7-0, 3:25 left in the quarter.

We lose FS Keith Thomas to a stomach injury. That is two safeties out ...
Stanford picks up their initial first down of the game on a pass interference call.
4th and 2 at the 49 - and Stanford elects to punt.

One play drive - Rattay to Derrick Palmer for 80 yards. He sidestepped a tackler and outran everyone else. 14-0, end of one quarter.

QB Dingle finally makes a play on 3rd down, with a 10 yard gain on 3rd and 9.
WR Robert Holcombe helps his QB out with an athletic grab for 22 yards.
The drive dies on our 38 yard line - punt.

3 and out for our offense - we aren't stringing together good plays so far this game. Punt.

RB Dhani Hoaglin guts out a yard on 3rd and 1.
SS Scott Jones already has at least 3 tackles on the afternoon.
Stanford again fails to advance into field goal range, punting from our 40.

Rattay goes down on 2nd down - first sack of the day for the Cardinals.
But Rattay and Olsen respond with 20 yards for a 1st down on the next play.
That is it for that drive, however. Punt from our 41.

Sack for DE Mark Dickerson.
9 yards to Buoniconti on 3rd and 8.
But another stalled drive - punters are getting a workout today.

We start on the 50 with under two minutes to play, but can't move into field goal range. Punt.

Halftime Notes:
- After some big plays in the opening 15 minutes we did nothing offensively during the 2nd quarter - maybe 40 yards total.
- Stanford only has 97 yards on the afternoon - defense looks sharp.
- We need to score first in 2nd half to put these guys away.

Another one play drive - Rattay 73 yards to Woodley Martin to start the 2nd half. Just a blown assignment in the secondary and our guys took advantage of it. 21-0, 14:35 left in the 3rd.

Dingle to Buoniconti for 13 on 3rd and 8.
DT Roger Parsons forces a fumble, but they recover.
FS Barron Starr intercepts a deflected pass, getting us our first turnover on the day.

Rattay to Martin for 6 on 3rd and 6. Nice play.
Morris is up to 70 yards on 14 carries after a gain of 8.
4th and 2 at the Stanford 39 - what to do?
Draw to Morris, who only gets one. Turnover on downs.

DE Doug Grant records a sack on 3rd down. Nice to get a 3 and out after they had 2nd and 1. Punt.

Rattay fires deep to Martin and it is caught for a 44 yard gain. Martin now has 6 catches for 145 yards.
And Rattay has his 4th TD of the day after Morris takes a dump pass in from 18 yards out. 28-0, 5:46 left in the third.

40 yard completion to Buoniconti, down to our 23 - their deepest drive of the day so far.
3rd and 2 on the 15 - intercepted by Rulon Bowens!

Rattay is working the Cardinal secondary. He hit Olsen for completions of 10 and 35.
10 more to Martin. Rattay is closing on 400 ...
Palmer can't hold onto a pass on 3rd and 4 from the 15. Ellis is in for the first time today and nails a 33 yard field goal. 31-0, 13:42 left in the game.

Stanford runs the kick back to the 43.
DT Parsons is in the backfield and records a sack.
3 and out for Stanford.

We aren't exactly running out the clock - Rattay is passing out the clock. He hits 400 yards on a 10 yard completion to Palmer.
39 yard TD pass to Palmer - his 3rd on the afternoon. 38-0, 8:59 left to play.
Right now Stanford actually has the advantage in time of possession - amusing.

Another 3 and out for Stanford - this isn't a very good offense. Punt.

20 more yards for Olsen, who is our 3rd receiver over 100 yards now.
Morris again can't pick up 4th quarter yards when we are trying to run out the clock - punt.

Stanford has brought in a new QB.
Not much difference - 3 and out. Punt.

Gannon Dawson runs for 9 and a first down. Take notes, Nic.
We are whistled for unnecesary roughness - stupid penalty with 2 minutes left in a blowout.
Morris gets up to 101 yards on his 25 carry, but steps out of bounds.
Ellis misses a long (48 yard) field goal try.

DE Doug Grant gets our 4th sack of the afternoon.
And J.R. Jackson gets our 3rd turnover with an interception.
Nice work by the defense getting a shutout and only allowing 242 yards.
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