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Pac 10 Standings:
1. USC 6-1
2. Washington State 5-2
2. UCLA 5-2
4. Oregon State 3-3
4. Arizona State 3-3
4. Arizona 3-3
7. Oregon 2-4
8. Stanford 2-5
8. Washington 2-5
8. California 2-5

National Top 10:
1. Georgia (8-1)
2. Oklahoma (8-1)
3. Minnesota (9-1) - undefeated in Big 10 play
4. Auburn (8-1)
5. Michigan (7-2)
6. Miami (FL) (8-2)
7. Michigan State (10-1)
8. LSU (8-2)
9. Mississippi (7-2)
10. Texas Tech (10-1)

Others of Note:
14. USC (9-2)
15. UCLA (8-2)
16. Florida (5-4) - nice work by the pollsters
23. Oregon (5-4) - more stupidity in the polls

Not sure if we win the conference with a win against USC - Washington State would have the head-to-head advantage if we had a three-way tie. I'm bummed that we may not be in the playoffs with a 9-2 season and a win over USC but lets just see if we can get that win and then worry about this issue ...

Rattay is still leading all QB in yardage (3,397) and TD passes (31).

HB Jerry King from USC is leading the nation in rushing with 1,654 yards and is 2nd in TDs with 18.

WR Woodley Martin is 2nd in the nation in TD receptions with 11.

McAddley is tied for 3rd in the nation in pancakes with 28. One of the guys he is tied with is Oregon OG Norm Hester. There is a very good chance that McAddley won't even finish as first team All-Conference because of the depth at OG in our conference.

Ellis is 3rd in field goals with 27. And he is more accurate than both guys ahead of him. I hope he gets recognized for his outstanding season.

Dickerson is tied for 2nd in the nation with 10 sacks, two behind some Golden Domer.

McCallister is back from his suspension. We don't have any key players ineligible at this point - very good news.

We face Navy this week, then get a bye before a USC showdown to end the season. Hopefully we stay healthy and win comfortably against Navy.
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