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Award Finalists are out:
QB: Qunicy Griesen (Fresno), Heath Phillips (USC), John Rattay (UCLA), John Reese (Oregon State)
RB: Jerry King (USC), Nicolas Morris (UCLA), John Putzier (WSU)
WR: Cleo Barlow (CAL), Jay Lucas (USC), Woodley Martin (UCLA)
TE: Gene Fortunato (UCLA), Joshua Lloyd (ARI)
OLINE: OG Marcus Baxter (OrSt), OG Norm Hester (ORE), OG James McAddley (UCLA)
DLINE: DE Mark Dickerson (UCLA), DT Jake Johnson (ORE), DT Roger Parsons (UCLA)
LB: None
DB: FS Jerry Jansen (USC), SS Larry Kasper (OrSt), CB Howard Steussie (CAL)
K: Michael Anderson (USC), Eric Ellis (UCLA)
P: None
Return: WR Milton Graham (CAL), J.R. Jackson (UCLA)

POY: RB Jerry King (USC), QB Heath Phillips (USC), QB John Rattay (UCLA)
DPOY: DT Jake Johnson (ORE)
COY: Monte Simmonds (USC) - BOOOO!

All in all, a very impressive showing by our guys on the award nominations.
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