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If he's a hoplight there is a 50/50 chance of him being an EVIL hoplight. Why let someone cray a river about not playing again based on being voted out affect your vote?

Oh well, villager about to go out.

Watch list:

PB - if he really jumped as Poli says it could very well be a wolf jumper trying to sure up aa city early (going for the smallest city first)

Poli - Bad hoplight? I have been floundering on this lately though as maybe he is good and we have 3 villagers in Hades but am quite sickened by the "I may stop playing" crap because he was being voted for so I hope he gets voted out soon just based on that.

Abe - orchestrated everything in Athens

CR - seemed to follow right along with Abe

hoops - lesser of the reads on him, followed along with Abe but less of a wolfish ping

Lathum - If Abe is a wolf Lathum is good (based on the day one read)

TheNorm - Probably a villager being used by Abe

Schmidty - I feel very certain that he is a villager, would be very dissapointed on several levels if he is a wolf
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